Sustainable HVAC solution

Plastic Extrustion

Transform Your Plastic Extrusion Area with Our Comfort Cooling Solution: Create a More Efficient Work Environment

The plastic extrusion process often involves dealing with high temperatures and hazardous fumes, which can make the work environment uncomfortable and dangerous for employees, as well as raise the temperature in production areas.

Blown Film

Eco-friendly HVAC solutions for Plastic Blown Film Production Area: Maximize Comfort and Productivity

The plastic-blown film area often faces challenges due to the high temperatures generated during the production process. These conditions can be harmful to the working staff and increase the overall temperature in the production areas.

Plastic Thermoforming

Maximize Energy Savings and Ensure Safe Working Conditions in Plastic Thermoforming Areas with Our Comfort Cooling Solutions

Plastic thermoforming is a manufacturing process that involves heating plastic sheets and shaping them into various forms. This process requires high heat and energy, which can make the working environment uncomfortable and dangerous for employees, especially in areas where high ambient heat is prevalent.

Printing and Lamination

Transform Flexible Printing and Lamination Environment with Climagulf Pack ™ Customized Cooling SolutionsT

Our customized comfort cooling and extraction strategy are not only beneficial for the employee’s comfort and safety but also provides an added bonus of improving production energy efficiency. This means that by implementing our strategy, not only will you create a better working environment but you will also create a sustainable printing production halls.