Transform Your Flexible Printing and Lamination Environment with Climagulf Pack™ Customized Cooling Solutions

Flexible printing and lamination plants often struggle with staff productivity levels due to negative pressures, solvent smell, and uncomfortable conditions.

Climagulf Pack™ is here to help. Our cooling and extraction designs and spot cooling applications can improve the environment by providing cooler and evenly distributed fresh air. This will result in a more comfortable working environment and increased productivity levels for your staff.

At Climagulf Pack™, we recognize the impact of comfort on workplace productivity. That’s why we provide customized HVAC solutions for your printing and lamination spaces. From cooling systems to air extraction and spot cooling, our team of experts will design a solution tailored to your specific requirements. We use the latest technology and engineering principles to ensure that our solutions are energy efficient and effective. Our cooling systems are designed to reduce the temperature in the printing area, while our air extraction systems remove unwanted solvent fumes and odors. Our spot cooling applications target specific areas where staff is working, providing a comfortable working environment.

Don’t let negative pressures, solvent smells, and uncomfortable conditions affect your staff’s productivity. Let Climagulf Pack ™ help improve your printing area with our cooling and extraction designs and spot cooling applications. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible printing area solutions.

The Key Benefits of our Comfort Cooling Solution for Plastic Extrusion Area

Improved Comfort
Improved Working Conditions

Our customized comfort cooling solutions provide a more comfortable work environment by reducing temperatures and distributing fresh, cool air evenly. This leads to a reduction in discomfort and stress levels, resulting in a more relaxed and focused workforce.

Reduced solvent fumes and odors
Reduced solvent fumes and odors

Extraction designs and spot cooling applications help remove unwanted solvent fumes and odors, improving the air quality in the printing area. This leads to a safer and more pleasant work environment, reducing the risk of respiratory problems and other health issues for staff.

Elimination of Negative Pressure
Elimination of Negative Pressure

Negative pressures can cause discomfort and impact staff productivity. Comfort cooling solutions help eliminate negative pressures and create a more stable work environment, reducing the risk of discomfort and improving staff productivity.

Customized Sustainable solution
Customized Sustainable solution
Our customized design solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your printing and Lamination area ensuring the best possible results. Our team of experts works with you to understand the specific requirements and design a solution that meets your needs, while providing the highest levels of comfort and efficiency.

Client Says

Interplast Air Cooling Solution

Interplast has a long and successful relationship with Climagulf, a leading provider of HVAC solutions. We have partnered with Climagulf to install HVAC systems in our thermoforming facilities, and we have consistently been satisfied with their products and services. Climagulf’ s customized systems & products have helped us to achieve our targets for quality air, comfort cooling, and energy savings. We are confident that ClimaGulf would continue with the same high level of service and support that we have experienced.

Shaju Stephen

industrial air cooling solution for Radiant Packaging

Being a greenfield plant, our approach for adapting HVAC solutions was to ensure safety of our products during production and provide a comfortable working environment for our employees on the shopfloor. Climagulf has helped us extensively to achieve this goal with our continuous expansion plans by providing a consistent level of support & quality suitable for our products.


Radiant Packaging
Air Cooling Solution for Integrated Plastics Packaging

The Climate Wizard based design & systems have exceeded our expectations in terms of its energy efficiency and capacity to create a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing its carbon footprint. I want to extend my gratitude to your entire ClimaGulf team for their exceptional work in developing and supporting this remarkable system. I look forward to a continued partnership with your organization as we work together to create a more sustainable future.

Mr. Neerabh Kaushal

Integrated Plastics Packaging
Our comfort cooling system is customizable to meet the specific needs of the Flexible printing and Lamination plant. It is also easy to install and maintain, with minimal disruption to the production area.

If you are looking for a solution to the challenges of Solvent smell & Odors, negative pressures, and uncomfortable conditions in your Flexible printing and lamination plant, our comfortable HVAC solution could be the answer. Contact us today to learn more and see how we can help improve your working conditions and production quality.